California real estate has had its fair share of commentary, from how expensive it can be to the amazing views it can offer that make it all worthwhile.

Before the housing crash of 2008, buying a home was a given. It was one of the ways that families retained and passed down wealth. When the market bubble imploded, many people lost their homes, and in many cases, this meant losing everything they had worked for up to that point in their lives.

Interest Rates are Still Low

No one knows what the next few years will bring to the national and global economy, but right now, the interest rates are still low. It’s a smart move to get into a new home before they rise!

Investment Properties

Whether you are buying a home to escape northern climates and spend the winter golfing in La Costa, or you want to buy in Carlsbad to turn your property into a revenue-generating rental property, San Diego’s North County area is a great place to buy a home. The amazing location, convenient to both L.A. and San Diego, make it great for business people, and the proximity to the beach and other natural areas make it a great place to call home for relaxing weekends and evenings.


Buying Off-Season Can Mean Savings!carlsbadca-002

Everyone knows that real estate markets around the country heat up. People tend to move during the summer to take advantage of fair weather for the move and to limit disruption to the lives of school-aged children. If you are willing to face the grueling winters of San Diego’s North County, when the average high temperature is a “chilly” 65 degrees, you can go bargain hunting in the housing market!

Housing prices tend to trend lower in the winter market, so you can sometimes get a great deal! Sellers who need to move in the short-term are sometimes willing to take less than asking price for homes in the winter.

You Can’t Beat the Location!

San Diego’s North County is the perfect location. Carlsbad is the home of Legoland and just a hop, skip, and a jump from SeaWorld. A short, pleasant drive puts you in San Diego, where you can spend the day strolling the grounds of the world-famous San Diego Zoo.

When you are ready to buy in Carlsbad, or San Diego’s North County in general, give Sotheby’s Pacific a call.