This was an incredible story… We were able to help a super sweet 87 year old lady who was the original owner, seller her house out from under the previous highest sale in the neighborhood as she bought at the peek in 2006.  She needed to sell and move closer to her family in Colorado and had to wait many years until the market came back enough.  The market did not yet support the price we needed to get her out even however, we went for it with everything we had.  Another example of the Mega Open House strategy.  Seller and her children prepared the home, we produced the video and photos, and launched the marketing.  Even in November – one of our slowest months – we put around 200 people through the broker open house, weekend open houses, and with 5 offers, were able to negotiate the offers $40K over list price (Listed at $679K). At the time, this was the highest sale of that model on MLS record and about $70K over the previous high sale back in 2006.  The incredible part was the seller told me she was not expecting the $40,000 additional proceeds from what we listed the home at, so she was going to give the money to her grand daughter who was suffering from cancer to help her make ends meet and pay off hospital bills.   That to me was more exciting than pulling off the highest sale in the area. Listed 11/2015, Closed 1/2016.