If you’re interested in selling your house this spring, then you likely have realized that this is one of the busier times of the real estate market. The luxury homes that make their way to the market rarely stay there for long, and while that can be extremely beneficial when it’s your home, it can also make the market pretty competitive. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeve that can increase the chances of selling your home this spring.

Work on Curb Appeal

The exterior of your home is something that will immediately create an impression for those that are looking at it. With spring in motion, it’s always worth giving your curb appeal a second glance. Spring is when we are eagerly awaiting green grass and blooming flowers, but they don’t always make a graceful entrance. This might be one of the times that you’re going to want to work with a landscaping company so that you can ensure the exterior of your home looks great.

In regards to other forms of curb appeal, it’s always helpful to invest in a good power washing for the exterior of your home from a professional company, or getting a fresh coat of paint if the power wash isn’t going to provide you with the results that you want. The first look at your home should be one that they can easily remember as a place they enjoyed seeing and felt at home while visiting.

Open the Windows

You might have just had your HVAC unit worked on and it might be in incredible shape, but spring here in North County San Diego is beautiful, and it’s easy to enjoy it with the windows open. If you have an ocean front property this is something that can definitely up the selling appeal. Being able to hear the sound of the ocean while walking through a bright, clean kitchen can definitely make someone feel at home, or at least eager to make a space their home. It’s something so small in regards to tricks, but it can provide some serious results.

A Pop of Color

As stated earlier, color is something that we simply associate with spring, and it’s something that can leave an impression while we’re looking for something to reassure us with a home. While you might not want to go crazy with the colors that you’re utilizing or the work it takes to plant flowers throughout your yard, something that you can do is add subtle pops of color. Whether it be a vase with vibrant flowers, or even a vibrant vase with white flowers, these small pops can make a difference in the overall warmth and feel of your home. We’ve seen these added in small details that are easy to incorporate, and grand pieces like works of art that become statement pieces of the room too. It’s definitely something worth considering if your home isn’t as bright and springy as it could be.

The team at Pacific Sotheby’s Realty can provide you with all of the guidance that you need to sell your house this spring. Call us today so that we can set realistic goals for putting your house on the market and get started with the overall process as soon as possible.