California is known for having some of the most beautiful luxury homes in America, and when you initially move here it’s easy to get caught up in some of the extravagances and wind up with a home that is much too large for your needs. As real estate agents, what we’re seeing is that the current sales trend is happening with the sole purpose of downsizing the size of the house for a lifestyle that is more comfortable overall. Here are a few of the reasons that we have seen people enjoying the decision to sell their luxury home with the goal of downsizing.

Less Maintenance

Let’s face it, one of the most difficult parts about owning so much property or a huge house is the amount of work that it requires to keep it looking great. Whether you’re tired of having to clean up all of the rooms, or you’re relying on various companies to get the work done, the time and money that you spend doing this become more than what you bargained for. This is one of the main reasons that we see people eager to find a house that better suits the amount of time they have to care for their home.

More Than You Need

Another one of the reasons that we’re used to hearing is that it’s just too much. Often times when people buy extremely luxurious homes, they know that they’re going to have family, friends or guests coming over that they need to entertain and host. While this is something that needs to be considered when looking for a house, kids grow up and move out, friends move away and circumstances change. If the house that you need is actually too big for what you’re using it for, then finding a home that is more realistic to your needs. For instance, if there’s a pool in your house that you don’t ever use, it doesn’t make sense to live somewhere that you’re paying for that luxury.

Save Money

Luxury homes definitely come at a price, and it’s one that most people realize they’ll pay when they purchase their home. While the cost of the house definitely comes into factor, the amount of money that goes into amenities that you might not be using can definitely make the home less of a safe haven and more of a burden. When you’re not using the pool that you’re paying to heat, or rooms that require air flow and electricity, it can be frustrating to open those bills. Which leads us to our next point.

A Happier Home

Most people that downsize their home realize that they’re really investing in a happier home. It doesn’t feel like money is being thrown out or like there is too much space for you to really feel at home. If you’re considering downsizing, it’s likely because you have a similar feeling to this that is telling you that the space you’re in is too much. What once was a perfect fit, you might have outgrown, or it’s outgrown you, and that’s where Pacific Sotheby’s Realty can help. Call our team today and let us determine what types of moves need to be made to find you the next perfect fit for you and your family.