This blog post is the three part series. We’ve covered two things that you could work on getting done before putting your house on the market that could prove to be extremely beneficial. Today’s post will cover one more small thing that homeowners could tackle before they list their home, and that is going to be projects.

Projects are something that as a homeowner, you are familiar with. In fact, it seems like the minute that you buy a home your time is dedicated to completing projects, and even when you’re working on them frequently, they still never seem to all get done. Well, we are sad to say that one of the biggest things that you could get done before listing your home is the small projects around. We’re going to cover a few of them that you might not have considered having done.

Lawn Care

It’s crazy how often we see the lawn of a home that is going to be put for sale, go unkempt. Of course, we understand that the house itself is what’s on the market, but too often people forget that the yard was likely a part of the reason that they too bought the home. If you have a yard that is incredible or a home that is a beachfront property, then you need to take some time to tidy up the yard. Whether that be a weekend spent weeding, or finally removing the dead tree in the backyard, these are all tiny things that will get brought up, no matter how small they seem, in the process of selling.

If you’re tired of having to keep your yard clean, it might be worth looking into a professional lawn care service that could take care of the daily work that a lawn requires.


Oh boy, carpet is definitely a frustrating part and project itself. One of the reasons that carpet was lucky enough to find itself on our lists of projects is because of how much of an impact the carpet can have on a home. It may seem like we’re being unreasonable here, but the truth is that carpet is a huge selling point for some people, but if it isn’t cleaned and fitting snug still, then it might not make the cut. One of the things that you could do is have your carpets professionally cleaned. You may need to do this more than once in the process of moving. If you decide to get it done before listing your home, so that you can present clean carpets, then you might need to have them done again depending on the foot traffic of your family or the visitors that come and see the house. Doing this in advance can save you some time and change the mind of people that are coming to look at your home.

Unfortunately, these aren’t the only projects that you’ll face. Some of the most time-consuming projects that surface will be the ones that come up after the inspection process. One word of advice that we do have for this step is to be honest with yourself. If you know that there is a part of your home that you’ve been meaning to work on or that you’ve always hated, look into it and get it done. There is no doubt that most of these issues usually wind up being brought up by the next potential buyer of the home, and it’s better to get them out the way before the selling process. These types of projects become easier to tackle the sooner that you get on them, and often make the actual process of selling much easier.

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